The centre theme of my research is the study of biomolecules capable of modulating the immune system either by direct manipulation of cells of the adaptive immunity or by activation of the innate immune system. The modulation of the immune system is a much needed pharmacological intervention for many medical conditions. Stimulation of the immune system is important in fighting infectious diseases and cancer both for treatment as well as for prevention in the form of vaccines. In particular, modern vaccines need adjuvants to initiate protective immune responses against the subunit antigens. Furthermore, the immune response needs to be not only enhanced, but also directed towards a specific type of immunity. Immune suppression on the other hand is instrumental for the treatment of auto-immune diseases, allergies and in organ transplant procedures.

Peptidoglycan based immune adjuvants

Immunestimulators based on bacterial DNA and their incorporation on nanoparticle carriers

Immunesuppressive ion channel blocking peptide toxins

GPCR agonists and antagonists